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We need healthier and smarter environments.

Accelerating the fight against unhealthy indoor climates requires the entire industry to work together. Our products integrate scientific research, data sets from the medical field, big data, smart technology and systems into your office, home or any other building to create a healthy working- and living environment.

Healthy indoor climates can improve the healing process of diseases and metal disorders by up to 60%

Investing in a healthy environment

Many diseases and mental disorders are caused and aggravated by the indoor climate. With the fact that we are 87% of our time inside, of which 70% in our own home, it is becoming increasingly important to design the indoor climate of buildings in such a way that it does not have a negative impact on our health.

Enviture makes sure that indoor climates of homes and offices do not harm the psychological and physiological well-being of residents and employees, but instead influences our health in a positive way. An indoor climate designed by Enviture promotes better overall well-being and employee productivity through optimized building physics, design features and data-driven technology.

Our Approach

Enviture has a well-deserved reputation for a pragmatic and problem solving approach to human health through data-driven technology in buildings, building design and constant research in the built environment.

Through many parameters in a building we carry out a healthy indoor climate that improves the healing process and prevents diseases and mental disorders. By mapping physical data sets from BIM with biological data sets from the medical field and fitness trackers, etc. a really rich picture emerges of how buildings and the built environment are impacting on people’s health and well-being.

Poor IAQ is the single biggest environmental health risk

Good lighting positively influences mood and perception

Wrong thermal levels lead to cardiovascular disease

Nature promotes cognitive functions and is stress relieving

For a Healing Environment, tranquility is necessary

Social state is essential and indispensable for our well-being

Well-being is essential. It means more than just the absence of diseases, complications or pain. It is also having a positive mood, doing the things you want to do, a social life, satisfaction in work and no stress.Thomas van Oosterom, Founder

Why we care

We believe that health is first priority. Often the great impact of indoor climates is underestimated, while health is largely influenced by the indoor situation. Unfortunately, most of the current housing stock has to do with a poor and unhealthy indoor climate, resulting in all kinds of diseases, health complications and limitations.

Enviture is committed in changing the way we live in buildings. We propose a world with healthy buildings which improve the healing process of diseases and mental disorders, while also preventing them. We want to help the people of the world to live healthier and happier lives, so you can focus on the beautiful things in life that you want to do everyday.

Healthy offices reduce costs

Sustainability is of paramount importance within office property, but health is still an underexposed theme, even though a healthy office has a much more interesting business case than a sustainable office. Building operation is only a small part of a tenant's business case, but staff costs are the largest cost for businesses. Sustainable solutions may save 10% on accommodation costs, but a lot more can be saved if, for example, you can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity because your employees feel better.

Creating healthier, happier and better lives with and within buildings, so you can focus on the things in life that you want to do.

Our Vision

Smart and data-driven

Far from expensive technological dreams, we need a down to earth vision – a future home integrated into a sustainable lifestyle for all of us. Enviture’s enriched data infrastructure helps occupants have access to research-grade insights from within and beyond the walls of their building. We work towards a healthy indoor climate where occupants can track their lifestyle and health on a smart platform. For user-friendliness we envision maximum control and operability by the user.

Enviture envisions a healthy indoor climate in every building, in every city, all over the world. Everyone's work- and living environment will therefore be preventive for diseases and psychological disorders and promotes the healing process of every complication.

Long term goal: Enviture creates the standard for indoor climates which makes every building in the world a healthy place to be for better global well-being.

Healthy environments

Healthier and happier people

Projects we love

Would you like to learn more about the connection between the built environment and human health? We’ve bundled our projects, news and articles in our blog.

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Residential Pilot Program

Enviture's first healthy environments are in progress! We are working on a residential development of two full-floor apartments located in the heart of The Hague, The Netherlands. Each of the apartments are integrated with the latest requirements of the Enviture Standard.

Post image

Health Impacts of Views

Sustainability is of paramount importance within office property, but health is still an underexposed theme, even though a healthy office has a much more interesting business case than a sustainable office. Also, we want employees to be happy and healthy.

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Cooperation with SEBA

Enviture and SEBA Engineers will cooperate in upcoming projects! SEBA Engineers is an innovative engineering firm that specializes in sustainable engineering. Being pioneers in building engineering the quality of the Enviture Standard application will be achieved.

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